I have been a professional photographer for many years. Since 2004, I have used plastic toy cameras as my creative outlet.  These toys with exotic names like Diana, Holga, Fujipet, Brownie Hawkeye Flash, Isola and Lubitel have become my passion and provide a vision that suits my artistic expression.  
My fascination with the toy camera is the lack of control the photographer has.  I enjoy taking apart the cameras, modifying them and shooting expired film with sometimes-diverse results.
I often find myself seeing snippets of everyday life captured in my mind’s eye as though I was viewing them through the lens of a toy camera.
In a world of retouched, sharp focus, digital photography, I prefer blurry, light leaked, moody and even melancholy images that I believe are beautiful and full of significance.
 --Ed Linn

Ed Linn.

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